List of works

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Electronic and Sound Art

Time, as it still stands - Stereo Fixed Media - 2021

Composed from samples of terracotta pots in and around my home. this piece stood as a meditation on attaching meaning to dream-states and imaginary landscapes. 

Corroded Flow - Stereo Fixed Media - 2020

A musing on erosive processes. Composed of rain samples and created through a study of destructive audio practices. 

Strike Palm To Ask Buddha - 5.1 Fixed Media - 2019

This piece explores a quiet sonic landscape that reflects the passage of thoughts observed through meditative practices. The work was composed entirely from field recordings of the construction of a sand mandala by monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery as well as recordings of singing bowls taken from my home. The structure and form for the work is based on the spectral analysis of a single singing bowl resonance.

52.121812 by 10.266214 - 8.1 Fixed Media - 2018

An exploratory soundscape created from the processing of three field recordings taken in the summer of 2018 off the west coast of Ireland.

Navigation Bell - Stereo Fixed Media - 2016

Chamber works 

Wind Blows Lotus Leaves - Commissioned by the O L E A Ensemble - 2022 - 23

five reasons to make blueberry pancakes - Solo Clarinet - 2020


Bingo - Commissioned by the Mt. Auburn Brass Choir - 2023

Different Gravity - Sextet and live electronics - 2020

Bandsaw - Wind Ensemble - 2017

Resonant Reflections - Structured improvisation for large ensemble - 2017

Press Play - Structured improvisation for large ensemble - 2016

Coyote - Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Vibraphone - 2014