This is an area for people to access my works that exist as max patches, source code for various projects, and custom plug-ins. This will also be a hub for accessing my works that exist as web media and apps.

This short coding advent calendar this year will have a new 1-2 min piece composed in the RTcmix language each day 12/12-12/24. Follow along and if you would like to learn more and follow along with the code you can download RTcmix here.

  1. Simple Sine Bath - a simple algorithm generating random pitches from the overtone series based on a D note. Scorefile code here

2. Classic DJ - Today we explore sound processing in RTcmix by creating the perfect drum & bass beat out of the 'amen break'. Scorefile here

3. Happy Scale - Exploring physical model vibraphone instrument. Reads up a pentatonic scale with some randomization in the rhythm and timing. Script here

4. Music for two oscillators - exploring phasing patterns in the style of composer Steve Reich. Scorefile

5. Early AM - An etude using classic AM (amplitude modulation) techniques. Sci-fi sounding fun, use headphones! Scorefile

6. Strum - A classic early cmix example using an algorithm to randomly choose notes from a minor scale using the plucked string physical model. An oldie but a goodie. Scorefile

7. Relax Bowl - A physical model of a singing bowl, resonating at a constant pitch but various aspects of the timbre change randomly with each new note. Scorefile

8. Cling, Clank, Chowning - An exploration of a more complicated algorithmic process applied to simple (two oscillators) FM synthesis. Scorefile

9. Banish Air - A take on one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems. Here the first line is directly stated and the rest is processed through an elliptical filter with changing parameters. Link to the poem. Scorefile

10. Clari-Clouds - An exploration of granular processing of a clarinet recording. Chopping the original sound into very small samples and changing speed of playback, panning, and duration randomly. Scorefile .

11. Raga - One of the most fun things about working with electronic sound is the ability to move outside of western tuning and notes. This score uses the sitar physical model to play pitches from the Indian Raag "Jaunpuri". Scorefile .

12. Harsh Wind - a soundtrack to the winter storm, harsh sounds of complex(multi-oscillator) FM synthesis based on two patches from the famous Yamaha DX7. Scorefile